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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of “WOW” Valid from January 1, 2013 The Lorikeet UG, Munich respects your right to privacy. WOW is always working to ensure that all products and services offered are excellent. WOW would like to inform its USERS through this privacy statement how personal data is handled. WOW will treat all personal data, which users share in the course of their contractual relationship with WOW, as strictly confidential in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. The details will emerge from the following Privacy Policy. 1. Applicability WOW is a global company. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the websites operated under the domain “the-wow.com” (“SERVICE”) and is directed at users of this SERVICE (“USERS”). Where other websites of WOW feature a separate privacy statement, that is valid. Similarly, third party websites are excluded from the scope of applicability, which feature so-called links on the SERVICE, or which are connected to the SERVICE through Connect Services (linked websites). In particular these include websites of business partners of WOW, at which the USER can be redirected to a partner online shop to purchase a selected product using WOW (“Business partners”). WOW assumes no responsibility for their contents and their compliance with data protection. For this reason, the USER should carefully read the privacy policies of linked or connected websites. 2. Data Categories and the Collection of Data WOW always strives to optimize its products and services. Therefore WOW wants to understand the interests and desires of its USERS better. That is why WOW collects personal data from its USERS 2.1 Personal data Personal information is details about personal or material circumstances of a specific or unspecific actual person. This information may include name, email address, post address, telephone number etc. Information that the USER of WOW gives WOW about other USERS using its platform may also constitute personal data. 2.2 Specified Types of Personal Data WOW does not collect data that contains information about racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union memberships, health or sexual life, unless the USER voluntarily discloses this information in his communication with WOW or other USERS. 2.3 Inventory Data WOW collects personal data, so-called inventory data insofar as it is necessary for the establishment, content shaping, or changes to the contractual relationship between WOW and the respective USER on the SERVICE of WOW. WOW will collect and use data about a USER, to the extent that it is necessary to permit usage of the SERVICE and make accounts (usage data). Usage data is, in particular, features that help to identify the USER, information concerning the beginning and the end as well as the extent and frequency of their use, and responses to the products and services. 3. Use of Data WOW collects and processes personal data from users only when WOW considers it to serve reasonably legitimate business purposes and when the personal data was willingly given by the user (eg in forms or other websites run by WOW) in electronic or any other form of communication. The determining factor is WOW's goal of optimizing its SERVICE in the interest of its users. 3.1 Data Transmission and Protocols for Systematic and Statistical Goals In addition to the user input, it is possible that during the use of the SERVICE, information (usage data) is automatically detected by WOW's system. This may include data browser type, languages, geographical location of the USER, the date and hour of the visit, access times of the addresses of pages visited, possibly the IP address of the user and the domains in which the USER accesses websites like WOW. Websites of WOW use, among others, Google Analytics, a web analytic service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “Cookies”, which are text files that are saved on your computer and allow the analysis of the USER's usage of websites. The information generated by the cookie about the USER's usage of the websites of WOW (including his IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and saved there. Google will use this information to evaluate the use of the websites of WOW, compiling reports on the activities of USERS on the SERVICE of WOW as a business in order to provide more usage and service offers related to relevant services. Google will also transmit this information to a third party, as far as it is legal or in the case the third party processes the data from Google. Google will not associate the IP address of the particular USER with any other data held by Google. USERS can prevent the installation of cookies through a relevant setting on their browser software; however WOW informs the USER, that in this case not all functions of the websites of WOW may be available to the USER. By using the SERVICE of WOW, the USER agrees to allow the processing of data about him in the manner described above and for the purpose explained. 3.2 Cookies WOW uses cookies exclusively in the manner mentioned in Number 3, and in the paragraphs that will now follow. A cookies contains information that is sent to the SERVICE from the browser of the USER, which is then saved by the SERVICE on its system. When cookies are used, the websites of WOW have access to information about the user and his settings, until either the user closes the current browser window (in the case of session cookies) or until the USER deactivates or deletes the cookie. WOW sets a session cookies when the user logs onto WOW. When the SERVICE of WOW is requested by a registered USER, a session cookie from WOW's web-server is set in the connection to indicate the user has been authenticated. The session cookie makes it easier for USERS to navigate the SERVICE. They contain random data which the server uses to authenticate the browser on the server in the session. In this session the cookie is set, which saves the user ID associated with it as well as which websites the user has visited. The session cookie is deleted as soon as the user closes the current browser or at the latest after ten minutes. WOW uses this data for statistical and marketing purposes. 3.3 Contractual Relationship WOW uses personal data of USERS to the extent necessary for the creation, implementation or termination of a legal transaction or similar transactions relating to obligations with the respective USERS. This is among other things the case, when the USER wants to utilize the products, websites, and services of WOW on its platform. 3.3.1 Statement of Grounds Subject to the usage of the offering of WOW, the registration of the USER may be required. Additionally, the transmission of data in the form of a product or service in electronic or other communicative forms may also be requisite. 3.3.2 Implementation To the extent that it is necessary for the implementation of the contractual relationships between WOW and the respective USERS, WOW uses personal data from USERS, e.g. for the transmission or delivery of products or services and for the usage possibilities that are related to the user contract (eg support, enhancements/updates, etc). Beyond that such data can also be used to draw attention to malfunctioning or improper usage of the websites owned by WOW. In the case that WOW cooperates with third parties for the provision of services, WOW will work to ensure that they observe the applicable Privacy Policy agreements and offer adequate protection. “Third” in this sense refers to external service providers, however not to other USERS of the SERVICE. Should the operation of the SERVICE or part of it, for which the USER has registered, partially or completely (eg individual language versions) be sent to a third party, WOW is authorized to send the personal data of USERS as the continued operation of the website or the platform of the a product or service. 3.3.3 Termination Even in the wake of the termination of the contractual relationship with the USER, WOW uses the personal data of the respective party indicated, to the extent that it is necessary for the settlement of the debt obligation. Here for example, can the compensation of an outstanding debt or something similar be included. 3.4 Communication In the context of communication it refers to the usage of user data. Also in this, WOW will abide by the standards set in the Privacy Policy detailed here. 3.4.1 Customer and User Inquiries WOW will process personal data when requested by USERS with the goal of answering inquiries. Correspondence with USERS is archived by WOW with the goal of improving its service, as well as for business purposes. 3.4.2 Surveys WOW will occasionally ask USERS for information through surveys to provide data. Participation in these kind of surveys and the disclosure of data by the USER is entirely voluntary. It is up to the USER if he wants to disclose the relevant information and consents to the collection and processing of this data. Survey information will be used to monitor and improve the utilization as well as the improvement of the customer service of WOW. 3.4.3 Recommended Services (“Invitations”) WOW offers the possibility of using a referral service. After entering an email address, the recipient gets a unique invitation from the USER, which is an invitation to the SERVICE. WOW processes the personal data entered solely for sending this one-time email and possibly to prevent further correspondence of this kind being sent to the particular email. 3.4.4 Communication Between USERS on the SERVICE Some information, e.g. the communication between USERS on the SERVICE, can also be visible to other USERS of WOW's SERVICE. Also to users of connected websites like facebook, confirmed contacts (“friends”) of the USER of the SERVICE of WOW, can these comments be visible, possibly also for other internet users. WOW recommends that users be careful and sparing with their data and consider what and with whom they communicate. The communication that appears on the SERVICE of WOW is not subject to regular content-testing and examination. At the same time, WOW has the right to delete entries upon its own discretion and to prohibit USERs from farther use, especially when their actions contravene the law or are incompatible with the objectives of WOW. 3.5 Advertising, Marketing and Opinion Research WOW collects, processes and uses the personal data of users apart from in the legal measure for the purpose of advertising and/or collecting market and opinion research only if the respective USER expressly gives permission for the collection and processing of their information for advertising purposes. 3.5.1 Information About Offers Per Email As far and as much USERS of WOW have given permission for the processing and usage of their email addresses, WOW will send out to them the desired information, usually in the form of newsletters. In order to send newsletters or other information via email (“newsletter service”) WOW needs at least the email address of the USER. Any additional information as part of the newsletter service is voluntary and is used to personally address and clarify any questions for each respective USER. WOW uses the so-called “opt in” to register USERS for the newsletter services. In this method, the USER receives information or newsletters via email from WOW only after the USER has expressly declared his interest in doing so from the websites of WOW. Should the USER in accordance with his existing user relationship with WOW have previously given his email, WOW can send him information about WOW or let him receive new messages and offers from WOW's services, which are similar to the services that the USER has already utilized. The USER can naturally at any time (eg per email) object to this, without paying any additional costs, apart from the cost of transmitting his objections (the base rates). In every piece of information sent and in every newsletter WOW sends the possibility is included, to opt out of receiving further information and to send an appropriate objection. 3.5.2 Information About Third Party Offers Eventually WOW will make it possible that third parties contact USERS for marketing purposes. As long as the individual USERS do not object, user data can also be used to send the USER advertisements that reflect his interests, based on the information which the USER has given to WOW and based on his interaction with the SERVICE. 3.5.3 Market Research WOW can use stored information about USERS for internal research on demographics, user interests and user behaviour. The usage is done anonymously. For purposes of advertising and market research, WOW can evaluate information about USERS in an anonymous and aggregated form. If and to the extent that WOW uses user data to create user profiles, WOW will so set the conditions of using it, so that individual users can object to it. 3.6 Data Transmission The user data will be processed over the server More information is available on request by contacting the company through the address provided in the imprint. WOW will not illegally send personal data of its USERS to third parties. The rules in Numbers 3.3.2, 3.6 and 6.2 remain unchanged. 4. Data Integrity and Security WOW strives to protect the saved personal data of its USERS corresponding to current protection standards. For this purpose, on WOW's side it takes the precaution, in which individuals can access their own saved personal data in order to review this data, if necessary to correct it or to anonymize it, or to freeze or delete it. Furthermore, USERS of WOW have the ability to change or view the information given by them on the SERVICE after authentication. The protection of personal data, which WOW's SERVICE has received from USERS, is an important part of the business philosophy of WOW. WOW protects personal data of its USERS through security measures physically, technically and administratively from loss, misuse and alteration. As with all transmissions of data over the internet, there remains however a residual risk in the sending and receiving of personal data WOW indicates to USERS, that despite the high standards of WOW in terms of the data protection of all information which the USER willingly gives over the internet, it could potentially also be intercepted or used by others. For this reason, WOW cannot take responsibility or liability for the disclosure of information due to errors in data transmission and/or the unauthorized access of it by third parties. 5. Rights of the User Each user has, in accordance with the statutory provisions, the right to the correction, freezing and deletion of his personal information. If the USER does not desire to individually change or delete the data, WOW is available for contact at the address named in the imprint. WOW will as quickly as possible change or delete the data in question. WOW informs the USER that due to technical or organizational actualities it might come to be that after the changes or deletion desired has been requested the measures might take longer, if an action was already begun and not totally completed it might continue, after the USER has notified WOW of the cancellation request. WOW also informs USERS that a deletion of user data is only possible, if no legislation requests contrary, particularly with regard to date required for accounting purposes. For every USER it is at all times possible, to object to the processing and usage of his personal data for purposes of marketing or of marketing and opinion research. In particular USERS can revoke their consent to let WOW contact them to receive emails and/or information at any time, without receiving any additional transmission costs above the basis tariff. WOW also informs its USERS that the usage of their email address in newsletters or other such information can be objected to at any time. For such requests or messages from USERS of WOW, WOW and the privacy commissioner of WOW are available at the address at the end of this Privacy Policy. 6. Disclosure Both USERS and third parties have a right to receive information from WOW regarding the data collected and stored. WOW is here entitled to issue disclosure in certain individual cases, as information may be required by law or regulations to be provided to competent authorities. 6.1 Disclosure Rights of the USER Upon request by a USER, WOW will provide free of cost full disclosure of all personal information saved by WOW about him. This information is generally transmitted in electronic form (per email). Inquiries should be directed to the address mentioned in the imprint. Should the USER desire the information occurring via email, the given email address (both the sender and the receiver) will not be used for any other purpose than providing the disclosure and its documentation. 6.2 Disclosure Rights of Third Parties WOW is entitled in specific cases to provide information to third parties about its USERS. WOW reserves the right to use pertinent law in disclosing information in particular cases after a thorough review and careful consideration. Should WOW be legally obliged to pass on information to local, state, national or international authorities, WOW follows through with its obligation. Furthermore, WOW will disclose data to third parties when applicable laws or regulations require it. In addition, WOW may disclose information in order to check on illegal activities or suspected fraud, to prevent it or initiate the appropriate measures, or to practice its contracting and licensing rights. 7. Acceptance, Validity and Timeliness of the Privacy Policy With the usage of the SERVICE and the offers connected with it, the USER consents to the data protection policy described here. This Privacy Policy is currently valid in Version 1.0 starting on January 1, 2013. 8. Changes to the Privacy Policy Statement WOW reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, but WOW will always strive to observe the applicable laws regarding privacy protection. WOW recommends that USERS inform themselves about the current Privacy Policy with each visit to the SERVICE. In the case that WOW will use the personal data of USERS to a greater extent than before, WOW will inform users about it beforehand.