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Serendipity Wine Rack, $225

Product Details The Serendipity Wine Rack is a wall-mounted wine rack made from several staves reclaimed from a used wine barrel. It’s called serendipity because, in all honesty, the design is happenstance. The original thought was to have a seamless, wine-barrel-esque shape with some holes to plunk in some bottle necks. That didn’t work so well, as wine barrels are expertly crafted by skilled coopers who ensure that only the outside edges of each stave makes contact with its neighbor, held together not by glue or sheer friction, but by the pressure from pounded-in-place metal bands. Soooo… a new tactic was required. The result, though, is quite beautiful and was better than intended… a happy accident indeed.

Price: $225

Origin The staves have an exaggerated stagger to create a unique look with various shadow lines. Staves that are fresh from wine production are rough, having been bruised and battered during their years of service. So these have been sanded smooth to give the wood new life and reveal the stunning ray flecks that make white oak a beautiful, legendary hardwood. It has been stained with a dark Danish Oil, which gives it a rich, classic Arts & Crafts look while further accentuating the ray flecks. Several coats of shellac have also been applied for aesthetics and durability.

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