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Frequently Asked Questions


What is WOW?

WOW is an online discovery platform for unique fashion, design, and lifestlye items from around the world. Our team of professional curators, the WOW Scouts, is identifying and selecting items from boutique online shops to present them in a simple way.

Who is WOW?

WOW is a team of fashionistas, design, business and art students. We all have one thing in common: a passion for unique fashion, design, and lifestyle items.

What is the idea behind WOW?

At WOW, we believe shopping online should be easy and fun, yet effective and 'spot on'. With a growing number of online shops available, you probably find it hard to identify unique items. Hence, we want to make these exceptional items easily accessible to you. Every day, exclusively and at great prices.

How does WOW work?

All you need to do is to select the product you love. With just one click, you will be redirected to the check-out page of our partner's website, where you can buy your favorite item easy and hassle-free.



What kind of design items can be found at WOW?

At WOW, we are passionate about unique items. Because of that, we care about identifying and selecting just the best items from all over the world. We are currently offering a selection of items across a number of categories, including fashion, design, and lifestyle, with a focus on accessories. Or, in other words, simply the most beautiful products on the planet.

What are WOW Scouts doing?

The role of our WOW Scouts is to introduce exciting and innovative items as well as their designers and online shops to our community. WOW Scouts are passionate about fasion, design, and lifestyle, and would like to offer you only the most unique and exclusive items in these catagories. You just have to decide what you like and whether you would like to purchase it.

How do they identify and select products?

WOW Scouts are working closely with models, architects, designers, and shops to identify exceptional online shops from all over the world, including (but not limited to) the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Brazil. What do the various style categories represent? Style is very important to us. Currently, WOW selected products based on the following styles: Modern (clean, minimalistic, basic), Classic (simple, harmonius, elegant), Fancy (colorful, different, extravagant), Trendy (hip, cool, cosmoplitan), Chic (sophisticated, glamorous, artistic).



What are my benefits at WOW?

With WOW, you are able to see the most exclusive and unique fashion, design, and lifestyle items from all over the world at a glance.

Do I have to pay for WOW?

No. WOW is free and will always be. We want to make sure you get to know most unique and exclusive products out there. And, of course, you are not obliged to purchase anything at WOW. In fact, just browsing and getting inspired is encouraged.

I like you, can I donate?

Yes, but not to us. Have you considered Amnesty International, Women Shelters or your local community?



What do I have to do in order to shop at WOW?

WOW itself does not sell or distribute any products. On WOW, all you need to do is to click on the link for an item and you will be redirected to a relevant store (some of which are affiliated to WOW, some are not) where you will be able to purchase your favorite piece of design.

Can I order from WOW directly?

No. When you found a product you like, you will be redirected an external website, where you can buy your favorite item easy and hassle-free.

What if a product is not available?

Unfortunately, some of the items offered at WOW are not available in large numbers: as a result, the online shops can run out of them quickly. WOW is happy to remove such an offer immediately after receiving a message at [email protected] describing the product.

I don’t like the products on WOW, they are too modern, old, cool, lame, cheap, or expensive!

Tough luck. Have you considered shopping at ebay.com or amazon.com?

I haven’t received my order! Where is my money?

WOW is always on your side! However, we have little to no influence on what happens once you shop at the recommended online shops. That being said, just let us know the issue at [email protected] and we will do our best to help.