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Cashmere Scarf, £60

Product Details Elegant silver light cashmere scarf ideal over dresses and evening wear. Gauze finish for light see-through look. Available in many colours including: ivory, fuchsia, pink, lilac, light blue, silver, khaki-green, light ivy and bronze.

Price: £60

Origin Life’s Little Moments, Life’s Little Pleasures Anedoti brings you unique luxury products and upcoming designers from around the world. Discover our exciting fashion range of accessories and clothing, combining traditional craftsmanship with wonderful fabrics, sumptuous leathers and exotic stones. Anedoti means little story or anecdote in Italian and this was the inspiration behind the on-line boutique: bringing the stories of those who design our collections and make our products to life. Each Anedoti product is linked to a unique story instead of a bar code. Anedoti has partnered with new talent in all fields of fashion, from clothing design to jewellery making, from styling to photography. Our launch collection includes jewellery by upcoming creator Ikken, Italian duo Anna + Alex and Israeli textile designer Inbar. Clothing designers include London-based creator Vikkie Tarbuck and Italian knit makers, Alpha. Anedoti also brings you luxurious bags from Notting Hill Design. Find out more about our pool of talent in our Designer Section. In addition, Anedoti brings you accessories from specialist Italian producers, who continue to use traditional craftsmanship in their manufacturing process. In this collection of limited-edition luxury colourful gloves and belts, Anedoti combines London’s leading edge style with Italian quality. Anedoti was set up by Anne & Ed, who travel the world in a passionate search for unique beauty and talent. We source fine leathers from Italy, silks from Dubai, India and Hong Kong, cashmere from the mountains of Kashmir and some of our jewellery is made on the banks of the river Niger in Africa. Anedoti is about daily little treats and the occasional splurge. Need something to finish your outfit? Anedoti has the perfect accessory to complete a look in any colour. Looking for a gift for that special someone? Look no further: Anedoti delivers worldwide. The Anedoti website is regularly updated with new products, style guides and gift recommendations. There will always be something new for you to discover. Anedoti will be holding private sales events throughout the year in London, New York and Dubai where our customers can meet our designers face to face and socialise. Join our Mailing List now to be invited. Discover Anedotiís unique products now and create that perfect moment!

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