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Financial Officer Purse, $4

Product Details It’s how you say it. And when you say it with rainbows and 3D effects, it’s just better, we think. Design by Ana Benaroya. 95% post consumer recycled material.

Price: $4

Origin Mitch and Seth Nash are the owners and founders of Blue Q. And brothers. Although when Richard first came to work at the company he thought they said they were “Lovers“. He was confused but didn’t want to make any waves. After all, he had just started working here. And Blue Q has been around since Die Hard. The first one. 1988. Blue Q was the name Mitch and Seth made up for their lighting company in 1988. Yep. Lighting. Seth says, “We were headed to the annual world’s largest lighting show in Milan and we needed business cards.” Blue Q was hatched in a few minutes. We never made lights, we made cardboard cats. So….that’s it! “Blue Q” means nothing! Turned out to be a good thing considering all the products we have made and sold over the years.

Contact please contact us @ [email protected]
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